Laser Inscribed Lab-Grown Diamonds

laser inscribed Lab-Grown Diamond

Laser inscription is done by the use of a micro laser beam to etch a microscopic inscription on the Lab-Grown Diamond’s girdle of a Lab-Grown Diamond of carat weight greater than 0.25. Inscriptions were typically used to give a unique number for identification purposes. But now adays romantic messages, dates, names, poetry and symbols such as "Always and Forever" and "John + Jane Forever" are getting popular. These messages can only be read under the magnification which you and your love one can keep to yourself or share to your friends and family.

LabODiam can do this service for you for a measly price. Typically, up to 16 letters can be inscribed which will cost around $60 depending on the number of words and the carat weight of the Lab-Grown Diamond. If you decide to add this service, just instruct us when you checkout your Lab-Grown Diamond from our shopping cart.