Leslie G


Love, love, love this ring! I knew it that LabODiam will not fail me! The stone that comes with it too is SOOOOOO beautiful. Turned out to be a gorgeous ring! From now on, I will only trust LabODiam when it comes to my jewelries and blings!

Matt Robinson


I purchased a 3 stone White Gold 14K ring with Lab-grown diamonds for my mom on her birthday. 

Transaction and communication - 5 stars!

Seller honesty - 10 stars I was worried that I will get ripped off but LabODiam worked with me with full disclosure on what I can get from my budget!

Product - 5 stars! Mom was so happy with the ring. 

Thanks, LabODiam for a very smooth transaction. Until the next one!

Roberta Grinn


I ordered the Lucida 3 Stone Ring with matching band and wow, it is so fabulous! I get a lot of compliments about my ring. Totally worth it!

Millanie Corte


What a lovely lab-grown stone for my engagement at a very great price! Labodiam really is exceptional when it comes to customer service.

Aloha Martinez


Amazing jewelry finish product! Transaction was very smooth and the team is very courteous and professional. Thank you!



I chose LabODiam for my engagement ring and there's no regret! You want someone who will educate you but not pressure you so they can just get the sale. They give you all options and time to decide which one is best for you. It turned out my 2ct Three Stone Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring came out elegantly-made! Worth the time and money. It's seldom that you will find jewelers who will not snatch you with your hard-earned money but rather help you get your dream piece at a price that you can afford!